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Nike SheerID Coupon Promo Code

The Nike student discount has you covered. You can easily register online at the Nike Store to qualify. Of course there are conditions attached to the Nike student discount. The discount is for eligible high school (16 or older), college, and university students in the US. If you verify your student status with SheerID via the Nike website, you can immediately get the whole 20% discount on most Nike sports products.

Nike Dream Crazy!

Don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they are crazy enough. Check out this cool Nike commercial:

Nike & Jordan Sale

The Nike & Jordan Sale takes place a few times a year. is always up for grabs. Our Nike discount codes make shopping for a sale even more attractive for you. Every month we refresh our Nike discount codes, so that you are always assured of up-to-date information. So no further search is necessary.

The Swoosh

Did you know that the Nike logo is known as the Swoosh? Surely you do. It is one of the most famous logos in the world. Fun fact about the Swoosh: it was designed for 35 dollars back in the 1980s. And admittedly: it was a successful design. Because now, more than 30 years later, the Swoosh can still be seen everywhere. In the streets, but also on television during sporting events. Whatever sport you come across, Nike will often be involved as a sponsor.

Sports brand for casual look

The great thing about Nike is that the brand known for its sportswear is also a very good option for casual wear. When the company launched Blue Ribbon Sports in 1962, it really focused on athletes. When, in 1978, the Greek goddess Nike became the name of the famous brand, you increasingly saw Nike products appearing in the streets. Nike shoes in particular can no longer be ignored. Men, women, children. If you pay attention, you'll see that a lot of people are wearing Nike sneakers.


Sometimes you want something a little bit different. As there are so many different models and variants available, you can choose exactly what suits you. Want to go one step further? With NIKE BY YOU you can design your own Nike sneakers. Colour, logo, and text. It's up to you! The Nike Student Discount also applies to this range. Yes really. Your very own personalised Nike shoe is within your grasp. Have fun designing. Maybe you can outdo the Nike designers themselves. A nice activity for during the Nike sale!

Nike Air

One of the most famous Nike models is the Nike Air Max. These sneakers are indispensable in any Nike store. The first editions came out in 1987. At first it raised eyebrows. Shoes with an air cushion? The hesitation didn't last long, however. The Nike Air Max range was in fact an immediate success. Popularity reached its peak in the 1990s. Back then, it was hard to keep up with the Nike Air models, for both men and women. The popularity hasn't waned, because Nike is constantly renewing itself. Releasing new models that keep it exciting.

Outlet US

Because the brand is so immensely popular, Nike often launches new products. That also means that the Nike outlet store is hugely popular. Don't mind wearing shoes from last season? Then check out the Nike Outlet, which we also keep a close eye on. If a great deal can be had, you will hear about it here first! Whether you need something to do sports related or just want to look the part: with Nike you are guaranteed to succeed.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

Does NIKE offer student discount?

Yes, NIKE offers student discounts on most items.

Do you get a student discount on Jordan products?

Yes you also get student discount on Jordan products.

How do I get NIKE student discount?

It's very easy! If you qualify for NIKE student discount you can click on the 'Get deal' button on We will send you directly to the right page. All you have to do is verify your current student status and you can order directly online with student discounts.

How much discount does a student get at NIKE?

Students get up to 20% student discount at NIKE on most products. Sale-items are excluded from this student discount.

Who qualifies for NIKE student discount?

The NIKE student discount is for eligible high school (16 or older), college, and university students in the US who have registered online and verified their student status.